Best Campus Spots to Hole Up During a Zombie Apocalypse

So we all know of the impending zombie apocalypse that will inevitably happen on December 21st 2012, right? And for the most part, it seems as though all of the zombie-related media spewing out of Hollywood these days has prepared us for what to expect. That being said, I thought I would grace you with a list of some of the best spots to hold down in case you find yourself stuck on campus during the outbreak (studying perhaps?).

Image Arts Soundstage – While the Image Arts building itself is not the safest place to be (glass exterior and light beacons at the top…), the 3rd floor houses a soundstage studio that can be closed off pretty well. Relatively soundproof and large, this spot is best for big groups who run the risk of attracting too much attention. Plus, there’s Balzac’s Coffee at the bottom of the building, so gutsy runners have the option to acquire supplies if needed.

Pitman Hall (Upper Floors) – The higher you are, the better. The undead would have a hard time climbing up all those stairs, and if a horde is approaching the building, it’s possible to spot them from afar. The bottom floor cafeteria would also be a decent spot to send runners for supplies, and once that all runs out, Metro is right across the street. Try not to linger there though…

The Roof of the Chang School (Heaslip House) – The entrance is small and hidden, so it is not easily accessible. Plus, Obi-Wan Kenobi would be proud of your high vantage point:

The O-Team Office (JOR 05) – Slightly inconspicuous with lots of room for fortification. There are many secrets within these walls, but it is not exactly the best location (almost underground). Regardless, who better to spend your last moments with than the #LEGACY12 Orientation Team?

Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre – Because no one knows where it is.

Keep in mind, as great as these places are, I’ve obviously saved the best for myself. So back off!