Ryerson Tech Tip: Get some Zen with Ommwriter

Each of us have ways of making work go by more productively. Some of us choose to work in specific environments, or always have a cup of tea handy to swirl or sip. I personally have a certain soundtrack of music that sits on my iTunes, which is comprised of awesome movie/video game scores. When I’m writing, I find that I can’t listen to anything with words, as they almost confuse my brain.

But at the moment, I’m writing this post in an environment that might change the way I write completely. It’s called OmmWriter, a free program for Windows and Mac.

Essentially, OmmWriter is supposed to be a “writer’s haven,” which shuts out a lot of the distractions that are keeping you from getting your work done. It provides a window that fullscreens itself over everything else on your computer, and soundtracks it with particularly soothing music. It also provides a calming background, and a number of options for font, text size, work area and even noises for when you’re tapping away at your keys. Since OmmWriter is recommended for use with headphones, you can really zen out when all you’re hearing is calm music and rhythmic typing.

OmmWriter is free, but they do sell another version with more backgrounds and music; this version is pay what you can, with a minimum price of $4.11. For now, however, you can try it out here.

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