Zayan Rafeek: Student, Mentor, Muay Thai Enthusiast


Zayan Rafeek is going into his third year in the Business Technology Management Program in the business faculty and is also a First Generation Ambassador in the Tri-Mentoring Program.

Rafeek also finds time to fill the roles of Director of Marketing for Suit Up for Success, Co-Vice President of Marketing for the Information Technology Management Students Association and is also the Vice President of Logistics for the 2013-2014 Live2Lead Summit. In the little spare time he has, Zayan is an assistant teacher at Siam No. 1 Old School Muay Thai. He is one of the youngest students to ever hold that position.

His gym has awarded Rafeek a scholarship in memoriam of Graham Barton. The scholarship affords Rafeek the opportunity to travel to Bangkok, Thailand for the month of August and train with local masters in the art of Muay Thai.In addition, his training camp is covering the costs for his airfare, accommodation, meals and living expenses.

Rafeek is extremely excited to travel to one of the top destinations in the world for Muay Thai.

As Rafeek states: “It’s been amazing to receive the support that I have from Ryerson University staff Sid Naidu, Jennifer Barcelona and Rudhra Persad”.

He also credits his trainer, James Hines, Heather Lowry and Ajahn Suchart securing this opportunity. Suchart is a pioneer in bringing Muay Thai to Toronto and as Rafeek further elaborates: “My friends and I have talked about taking a trip like this after we graduate University. It is amazing to me that I have this opportunity at this stage in my life.”

We are thrilled for Zayan Rafeek and look forward to seeing his pictures when he returns! #TMPFam