Your vote, your choice.

Its that time of the year again- the time you have the chance to make a difference by choosing your own leaders as RSU Elections 2011 inch closer.  Many of us think that it doesn’t matter whom we vote for, or if we vote or not. Most would generally vote for a friend or someone they personally know. That’s understandable enough, because if you know someone you are the judge of whether that person deserves the position or not. While choosing, always remember to be fair- atleast give everyone a chance to say what they got.

Next, make sure you KNOW your future leaders. They are the ones who are going to be initiating/supporting/campaigning for causes that affect YOU and I’m sure you would want to vote for someone who has proven to be capable enough to do that.

For the people who were still confused about who the right choice might be, there had been one RSU Election Debate organized for the 2nd of February (Student Centre, 12 30-3 30pm) where one got to meet the Executive candidates for the election and hear them present their views, ideas and visions for 2011.That had been a great step towards knowing whom you are voting for and I certainly would not have missed out on that. Campaigning for the elections started  a couple of weeks back and it’s a common sight now seeing posters advertising the candidates. Reminds me to vote without fail every time I come across one.  See here for a complete list of the prospective candidates. Voting takes place February 7,8 and 9.