Your prof can be your best friend (kinda)

We often take for granted our professors. Sure, we’ve all had that one prof we absolutely hate. Sometimes the hate is justified, sometimes it’s not. But it’s really easy to forget what we have here at Ryerson when you’re stressing over a late assignment.

We’re known as a hand-on university. You actually apply what you’re learning by doing it. I can certainly speak about the journalism program, where we’re in the newsroom from day to night (weekends too), actually producing news content rather than learning about its history.

It’s all possible because we have professors who have experience in the industries they teach about. Some are industry experts, and some are still working in that industry even as they teach. It’s important to make connections with them right now, while it’s the easiest it’ll ever be. You have to go to class anyway, so you might as well take advantage of it. Talk to them. Ask them for advice. They can tell you about resources at Ryerson that you might not know about. They might even be able to pull some strings for you along the way.

Our professors, when not failing at using PowerPoint (yeah you’ve had that prof), are also doing a lot of cool stuff on the side. Some are studying high-tech inventions while others are writing comic books about testicular cancer.

So the next time you’re grumbling on about your prof making you come in on the weekends to do work, like I am currently, remember that they’re here for you. You guys may not be besties, but they can be your friend when it comes to helping you make the best out of your four years at Ryerson.

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