Your First Year at Ryerson: Expectations vs. Reality

Starting university can be the most exciting and anxious time for any incoming student. There are many misconceptions that arise as you get ready to come to a new school, especially with the different advice that is given to you from a wide range of sources. It’s important to remember that no matter how great or useless this advice might be, everyone has different experiences and perceptions of university life. It really is what you make of it.

My first year was awesome, I absolutely loved my program and the people I got to meet. I would get up every morning and not dread going to class, unlike when I was in high-school. Being downtown helps put excitement into everyday life. So many strangers are capable of making your day by dressing up in costumes around Dundas Square or even just holding doors for you when you walk into Tim Hortons. No advice could have prepared me for all that I was fortunate enough to experience as a first year student. I had no confidence when I started – I was naive, scared and did not know what to expect, but these feelings didn’t last long at all. Here I am, ready to share my expectations vs. reality of freshman year.


1. EXPECTATION – Orientation Week is going to be INSANE 

REALITY – It legit will be one of the best weeks of your life, only if you’re down for it. 

2. EXPECTATION – You’re going to study everyday, do all your readings and never fall behind.

REALITY – You may or may not experience an existential crisis mid-semester, approaching exam week.

3. EXPECTATION -You are going to eat healthy and go to the gym every day.

REALITY – The amounts of hot-dogs you’ll consume in a semester is ridiculous.

4. EXPECTATION – Time to unleash your inner party animal spirit

REALITY – You’d rather be at RAM IN THE RYE right now.





5. EXPECTATION – Your weekend plans are going to be amazing.

REALITY –  Who has time for a social life anyway?

6. EXPECTATION – You’re going to make all the right choices/decisions from now on. 

REALITY – You’ll see classier days. 

7. EXPECTATION –  You’re going to get a job, manage school and work and everything will be perfect. 


8. EXPECTATION – A little coffee can wake you up and help you do your task.


9. EXPECTATION – You don’t need anybodies help

REALITY – You really can’t carry all those grocery bags in one run. 

10. EXPECTATION – No more procrastination.

REALITY –  Last minute pressure could be to your advantage, only sometimes!