Wordstock: peace, work and adjectives

For the uninitiated, Wordstock is a yearly production by the Ryerson Journalism Alumni Association. It brings together students, professionals and alumnus from across the country to network and attend workshops of various subjects. With a barbecue and being held in concert with Alumni weekend, Wordstock tends to be kind of an informal reunion as much as an educational day.

Workshops are grouped into three time groups, with 4 different sessions per slot; this requires visitors to do some prioritizing when it comes to what they want to see, but ultimately it gives people a greater selection. Why learn to be your own editor if you want to learn to write columns instead?

While the workshops are interesting and informative, I had a lot of fun just networking with other people who have left the program and are enjoying life outside the university. It almost gives me a sense of what my life is going to be like when I’m done my four years at Ryerson. I mean, it’s easy to be worried about whether jobs in the industry are available, but talking to people who’ve “made it” can put my fears at rest a little bit.