Winter blues

It is almost that time of the year when you need to leave your home wrapped in a dozen warm clothes to keep you safe and to protect you from chills that might ruin the most important days of the semester- the final exams. To prepare yourself for the cruel months ahead, start being on time. If you are the ‘always- late-no-matter-where’ type you need to start keeping a minimum 15-30 min margin while commuting.

I remember clearly last December during our Fall 09 final exams, I had an exam the first day it snowed. It was my first Canadian winter. And it was snowing so heavily that a lot of things were disrupted and delayed. Even after taking a train two hours before my exam, I just made it on time. These things can actually ruin your mental calm and concentration for the exam you are about to write, so be careful. Better safe than sorry.

And these delays happen every year. Winter time means taking a lot of precaution too. On campus, you better not run around a lot for your classes and take proper care regarding your winter shoes, getting proper winter tires for your car and planning ahead.

Winter is fun especially because you are immersed in this beautiful holiday feeling. Downtown looks breathtakingly amazing from late November till January.  Ice skating is another winter favorite. You can go ice skating at places around campus and last year I saw people ice skating on Lake Devo too.

With the harsh weather, the daylight becoming lesser and exams around the corner, it might get depressing but remember to keep your spirits high always and see the beauty of this season.