Will You Say “I Do” to a Classmate?

Forget about your high school sweetheart, your potential lover is probably scrambling to class as we speak (that is, if you haven’t already found your soulmate on campus already!). Surprised? You shouldn’t be. According to a research project conducted by the Facebook Data Science team analyzing couples that were ‘Facebook Official’-ly Married, 28% of married college-graduates in the US attended the same post-secondary institution. To put this in perspective, for every 25 graduates that get married, 7 of them will be married to someone they met during university. Take a look around you, your life partner might be closer to you than you think.

Time Magazine posted an article on How Your College Major Can Predict Who You Will Marry and the results are in: opposites don’t always attract. Here’s a ranking (from likely to least likely) of programs that tend to end with classmates tying the knot:

  • Performing Arts: 38x more likely
  • Law: 33x more likely
  • Music: 22x more likely
  • Linguistics: 17x more likely
  • Transportation: 17x more likely
  • Architecture: 16x more likely
  • General Science: 16x more likely
  • Agriculture: 12x more likely
  • Construction: 12x more likely
  • Physics & Astronomy: 12x more likely
  • Physical Education: 10x more likely
  • Philosophy & Religion: 10x more likely
  • Environmental Science: 10x more likely
  • Ethnic and Cultural Studies: 9.4x more likely
  • Journalism: 9.2x more likely
  • Liberal Arts: 7.9x more likely
  • Chemistry: 7.9x more likely
  • Art History: 7.4x more likely
  • Criminal Justice: 7.1x more likely
  • Fine Arts: 5.4x more likely
  • Math & Statistics: 5.4x more likely
  • Computer Science: 5.3x more likely
  • Foreign Language: 5.2x more likely
  • Policy Studies: 4.3x more likely
  • Finance: 3.9x more likely
  • Political Science: 3.1x more likely
  • Marketing: 3.7x more likely
  • Medical Sciences: 3.6x more likely
  • Communications: 3.5x more likely
  • Biology: 3.3x more likely
  • Economics: 3.2x more likely
  • Accounting: 3.1x more likely
  • English: 2.9x more likely
  • Social Science: 2.8x more likely
  • History: 2.7x more likely
  • Psychology: 2.2x more likely
  • Nursing: 2.1x more likely
  • Education: 1.9x more likely
  • Engineering: 1.8x more likely
  • Business: 1.7x more likely
  • Family Studies: 1.7x more likely

Love is definitely floating in the university air! If you’re not convinced, check out these famous couples that met in university/college. Next time you see your Ryerson crush, don’t hesitate to ask them out. Who knows? Maybe you two will end up together forever.

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