Will You Accept This Rose?

Okay, so I know that everyone hates on The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, saying it’s far from quality television, that no one really finds love that way and a whole lotta slander. And okay, I get where you are coming from—I mean only a few years ago I was totally on that team. But now that I’ve had one sip, I can’t go back. I’m a fan! And I’m not ashamed. Yeah it’s beyond corny & a lot of the time I question why I’m watching it, but when the season comes to a closing I remember what it’s all about.

With its length, you might mistake it for a movie. Probably a made for TV movie you’ll never watch twice, but one you have to admit brings a smile to you face! And whatever, if you don’t agree with me, I’m not going to fight you on it, but all you Bachelor fans get what I’m saying—It’s addictive and I don’t mind.

Last night the handsome Sean Lowe graced our screens equipped with some burned skin, barely there eyebrows, and laughable b-roll for the last time. Well not actually one final time, since his wedding will be televised, but you know what I mean. Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of Sean during Emily’s season of The Bachelorette (1 F Jef had my heart), I learned to love him when he became this seasons Bachelor.  And with my favourite lady of the season, Catherine on his arm, I can’t help but adore him a tad bit more.

This season brought the crazies, the drama and the cringe-worthy cuteness.

Let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable moments:

50 Shades of Drunk

The first night of the Bachelor is always interesting. It’s the night the crazies come out to play and are often not handed a rose. While that wasn’t the case for Ms.Lindsay, showing up in a wedding dress and forcing Sean to kiss her (how did she get to the end again?), it was the case for Ashley P. Although Ashley spelled her name the common way, nothing was common about her. Within minutes of her exiting the limo, the hashtag #smashley was trending. In her intro video she said she had NO idea why she was still single, but if you watched the episode, you may have some formed your own opinion. If you didn’t watch the season premiere, click here for a quick reminder of the re-occurring tie—note Sean’s reaction, it’s epic.

Oh & for those of you that thought this was set up:

The Tierraist

There’s always someone you hate. This time around it was Tierra, and for good reason. I think this chick would have faked her own death if it meant Sean would be at the wake. She played every kind of sympathy card she could, just to get Seans attention. And I do not know how he fell for it, but for a hell of a long time, he did. Many believe that Tierra’s trip down the stairs was one she bought her own ticket too & that the hypothermia in Canada was a scam too. She loved to talk about how she was going to beat everyone up and how Sean was her husband. Too bad he sent her uncontrollable eyebrow and special ‘sparkle’ home. But don’t cry yourself to sleep on this one, the girl that had an extremely dramatic exit was suddenly engaged in January—barely two months after The Bachelor finished taping. WTF!

The Brother

Did hometown dates seem rather boring this season, or was it only me? Anyways, my least favourite date was Desirees. She happened to run into Sean while out for a jog—did you see her outfit? Continued to pull a ‘hysterical prank’ on him…then brought him home to her ADORABLE parents (no sarcasm there, they were so cute!) and brother, Nate. This is where things took a downhill drop—behemoth style. Nate takes Sean aside to what we expect to be a brotherly loving, man bonding session, but nope! Nate instead calls Sean a playboy and suggests he doesn’t really have any feelings for Dez. For a second I thought Dez might be pulling another great prank on Sean…but it turns out her brother was just being arrogant. Although she wasn’t my favourite, I felt bad for her after this. Nate entirely ruined Dez’ chances with Sean. But don’t fret; her audition tape in the backseat, driving away from Sean landed her as the next seasons Bachlorette.

I wonder how her brother reacted to the news.

The Break-ups

Sean is sweet, extremely polite and wanted to make sure that the girls were respected. However, he was not the best with his words. If you tuned in for more than one episode you saw the multiple times he mentioned he was “crazy” about someone. Not only that, but he said the most unnecessary things when it came to the final weeks, especially with Lindsay. When Lindsay first told Sean that she loved him, instead of replying with thank you or something similar, he replied with “I love………hearing you say that” WAY TO THROW THE GIRL OFF SEAN!!! She totally thought you were going to say it back. Then when he did decide to tell her that he loved her, it was IMMEDIATELY AFTER he broke up with her. If this wasn’t bad enough, when he saw Lindsay again after the final rose, he told her that he still lights up when he thinks about her. You don’t tell someone you broke up with, to go propose to another girl, things like that!

 The Proposal

Although Sean sucked at breaking up, when it all came down to it, he knew exactly how to propose. He got down on one knee, tears in his eyes & had Catherine shaking. YES CATHERINE! Have I mentioned how much I adore her? She’s genuine, quirky, intelligent, stunning and not at all cookie cutter. If you can’t tell, she was my favourite girl & I am beyond thrilled that Sean picked her! Anywho, not only was the proposal amazing but then they left ON AN ELEPHANT. Yes, they literally got up onto an elephant and rode away.  Hello fairy tale proposal! This is the part of the season that has you near tears and reminds you why you watch this seemingly ridiculous show.  The two people with giddy smiles and full hearts seals the deal!

* And if you couldn’t get enough of Sean on The Bachelor, you’re in luck! Earlier today it was CONFIRMED that Sean will be back on TV in no time—This time on another reality show, Dancing With The Stars.