Why you shouldn’t ignore your professor’s invitation to a talk

We’ve all seen them: impassioned pleas from profs or classmates to attend a talk on “X”. Depending on how polite we are, we can either turn them down nicely, or worse, feign interest and promise attendance, only t0 slowly slip away at the last moment.

Alright, perhaps I’m generalizing after one too-many fundraising e-mails, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t actually go to these talks every once and a while.

And here’s why.

While we’re in university, the knowledge we’re supposed to be absorbing isn’t just limited to the classroom. Because of the numerous student groups and resources around campus, we have the chance to get some unconventional knowledge that might not be included in any curriculum. We’re exposed to larger messages that may not be within our comfort zones, or that we have thought about before, period.

However, if you don’t take the chance and actually go to these talks, you’re going to miss out on the discourse that comes with it. Even if the people speaking are completely off-mark, it’s at least worth it to expand horizons and see what doesn’t work, as opposed to always surrounding yourself with what does.

So go to a talk. Get involved. Ask questions. Think critically.