Why Ryerson Students Are So Impeccably Well-Dresssed

It’s no surprise that for a campus, Ryerson is pretty darn stylish. As a student who transferred here from a university out-of-province, I can say with full honesty that the lack of sweatpants and sweatshirt combo adorned by students was visually, a breath of fresh air. Perhaps Ryerson’s impeccable sense of fashion is rooted to the fact we’re located right in the heart of downtown Toronto, placing us steps away from public space. Maybe it’s because majority of us are commuters, and there’s an unspoken level of presentation we live by in case we run into someone we know or might want to get to know (*wink* *wink*). I mean, it’s no coincidence that Toronto is unofficially labelled as Canada’s New York City, fashion capital of the world. After all, Ryerson was the only Canadian school that made it on Fashionista.com’s list of 25 Best Fashion Schools in the World in 2016.

While there definitely is no expectation or pressure to dress up* (and I’m sure many students will argue that they literally roll out of bed most morning), I couldn’t help but wonder what factors play into why Ryerson students are so impeccably well-dressed. Here are my 5 hypotheses:

  1. Ryerson is big on Professionalism and Collaboration

With an hands-on approach to our education, it’s no surprise to any Ryerson student that our professors love collaborative projects. When we’re encouraged to step out of our comfort zone and interact with people we may have not otherwise introduced ourselves to, we unconsciously want to put our best foot forward at all times. I can only speak on behalf of my program, but many of my assignments involve scheduling interviews and meeting with professionals in my industry. Knowing that I may be interacting with professors, professionals, and peers that could determine my future success, I make it an effort to dress to impress.

  1. Ryerson offers various job opportunities for students, with over 85+ Choices in Student Groups  to join

For many students, Ryerson isn’t just an educational institution: it’s so much more. It’s a place to develop connections, skills, and networks beyond the confined classroom. Ryerson’s Career Boost offers on-campus and off-campus positions for students all year round. For those who are both a student and employee to Ryerson, dressing up to show you are ready to learn and work is imperative to giving off a good appearance. While there’s no strict dress code for most on-campus positions, I think everybody puts in a little more effort to their appearance when they know they will be interacting with others within a professional environment.

  1. Ryerson is Culturally Diverse

According to surveys conducted by Ryerson, about half of respondents indicated that they are a member of a visible minority. As a culturally vibrant and diverse campus, we collectively bring a part of our roots, history, and personality to our school. Our style is unique, manifesting differently from person to person. In fact, a study by MasterCard Canada found that 44% of Canadians attribute culture to style. The remainder of individuals believe attitude and creativity are large contributors to style (13% and 12%respectively). With cultural diversity being an integral part of Ryerson’s identity, our collective style continues to evolve and thrive.

  1. Ryerson students are innovators

Ryerson students are known for their entrepreneurial approach to solving a problem. We analyze the world around us and use our creativity to tackle whatever presents itself in front of us. We are quick to adapt and understand big issues that permeate our current social stratosphere. We adopt music, art, film, architecture, science, business, and politics into our style. We reflect and reject major influencers that don’t align with our identity. In this way, we are always re-inventing ourselves to stay on and off trend. Dressing up is just a small aspect of our flux state of mind.

5. Ryerson students have mastered the art of casual chic

With long commutes on the TTC and places to be before and after classes, mastering the art of looking good and feeling comfortable is key. With student debt weighing on our minds, making wardrobe purchases that are versatile is the best bang for our buck. Pieces that can double from casual to professional and day to night are lifesavers to our dwindling bank account. Unsurprisingly, Ryerson students have mastered how to pull off comfortability without always having to pick up a pair of baggy sweatpants.

Are you one to dress up when you attend classes or do you prefer a more casual look? Let us know @RUStudentLife.