Where to do your business on campus

I have a friend who keeps her business at home.

I’m not talking about her entrepreneurial spirit. I’m talking about her bathroom business.

All through high school, she didn’t use the school washrooms once. Sure, she washed her hands after a science experiment or after a messy lunch. But the other stuff, if you know what I mean, was strictly an at-home activity. Now in university, she still shies away from it.

My friend is probably an exception. Most people don’t have a public washroom phobia. Sure, they might be grimy but you deal with it and move on. But odds are, at some point during your four years at Ryerson, that street meat you ate for lunch will do nasty things to your stomach and you’ll be running for the door.

Here’s three of the best “toilettes” on campus you might want to use:

Oakham House: Hands-down the crown jewel of toilets at Ryerson. It’s clean, always stocked, has ceiling to floor stalls and is private. For some reason, nobody uses it. It recently underwent a renovation, adding even more spit shine to the place. It’s like Edward Cullen –sparkly.

Rogers Communication Centre – 3rd Floor: Since this building has bathrooms on every floor in the same spot, most people hit up the first and second floor. A spacious room, wheelchair accessible and plenty of mirrors. For those days when your horn may be tooting more than usual, head to the third floor.

Sally Horsfield Eaton Centre – 6th floor: Also known as the SHE building, it may be a trek for some but it has its perks. The sixth floor men’s bathroom is always clean and isn’t used often. There’s a small volume of men in the building so you’ll rarely go in and find all the stalls full. On the flip side, since the fifth floor has only a women’s bathroom, the sixth floor womens’ is also there for the taking.

Think there’s a better washroom around campus? Leave me a comment!