What happened to falling head over heels with your secret admirer, who ends up being prince charming?

I’m a sucker for cute lovey dovey things. Half the time my head is in the clouds believing in fantasies and magical moments; all that sappy stuff from the movies.

Back in first year, I used to read the Missed Connections section of 24 newspaper every day on my GO commute. The thrill of reading other people’s perfect moments and the suspense of not knowing whether or not these two people will ever find each other and fall in love excited me.

Recently, I friended Ryerson U Compliments on Facebook. At first, I absolutely loved it. The day I accepted the friend request I actually missed my GO bus because I couldn’t stop scrolling through the compliments. They were all really kind and thoughtful messages to people.

It’s been about a month now since Ryerson U Compliments and I have been Facebook friends, and I’ve noticed the messages starting to sound a bit…creepy.

You fill the walls in my mind with puffy white clouds. You insulate me, keep the good in and the bad out. I know you don’t believe me but I think you’re perfect.”

…I’m sorry, what?

Now I recently discovered the SHOUT OUTS section at the back of the mini tonight booklet they hand out on the way to Union during evening rush hour. After reading the first few lines, I realized it was the exact same concept as Missed Connections. The excitement kicked in, and I read all 57 shout outs word for word.

Unfortunately however, I was really disappointed. It’s completely lost the magic touch of writing an anonymous message to someone you sensed a meaningful connection with. Instead, the majority of the SHOUT OUTS were either grumpy passengers ranting, or people looking for a good old fling, with absolutely anyone.

You have “40-yr-old male looking 4 married mom 40-45 for fun,” you have another man who will keep the memory and love of his anonymous lady inside his heart no matter where he is or who he is with, because he saw her wedding ring, and then you have “CuriousBlonde” asking if it’s okay to give herself a mani pedi on the train, provided she offers to do the same for everyone else…

And there were about six shout outs to the “Indian woman seeking FWB (friends with benefits).” Well, at least her missed connections worked out.

The most awkward and cringe-worthy Shout Out definitely goes to the person who wrote:

I saw u thru the rain, a dream gliding along the platform. I almost went after u. Almost. But something felt right about the silence and the distance. And I realized this is the Way. Freedom for u; freedom for me. I went my way. We fade to black.

I don’t even know anymore…

Would you ever write a Missed Connection or Shout Out? What are your thoughts on the whole concept? 

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