Welcome to the Career Compass Blog Series

Submitted and Written by: Vanessa Mainella – Student Copywriter, The Ryerson Career and Co-op Centre Student Team

Is anyone else stressed about their future? University gave me whiplash from how fast it flew by, and there’s still so much “life stuff” left to figure out. 

My name’s Vanessa, and I’m a graduate student at Ryerson. I’m currently attending the Literatures of Modernity MA program and working as a writer at the Ryerson Career and Co-op Centre (RCCC). I’m a lover of hobbit sized adventures, a self-proclaimed fiction protagonist, and I drink way too much coffee. But, despite these experiences I have (both real and imagined), I’m still unsure about the direction of my career path, and I know lots of friends who feel the same. 

This brings me to the reason I’m writing to you. Without further ado: I’d like to introduce you to the RCCC’s latest invention, the Career Compass Blog Series.

You might remember the Career and Co-op Centre’s ‘Career Compass;’ a helpful guide filled with career advice and resources to help you navigate your professional journey. Luckily, you won’t have to comb through all the details in the guide, because I have condensed that lengthy booklet into this series! 

Here’s a breakdown of how this series will operate. Blog posts are written weekly, courtesy of yours truly, and they will be available for your reading pleasure here on the RUStudentLife website. You can expect content to be shared in such a way that’s directly relevant to key milestones in your education and job search. Popular resources like resume templates or mock interview questions are located in the D2L Resource hub shell and are available year-round. Make sure to sign up for access to the shell!

Figuring out your career pathway can be overwhelming, and not everyone knows which road they want to take. I’m not a fan of statistics (because yes, I’m an English major,) but I do know that nearly 60% of today’s graduates will change their career up to three times in their lives. Gone is the generation where “one job for life” sufficed. Most of us will actually have fifteen jobs over a lifetime. At the RCCC, our goal is to assist you in building a ‘career for life,’ meaning, developing the skills necessary to maintain career success, on any path you choose. We’re going to navigate the career journey together, post by post. 

Are you ready, Ryerson? Let’s get started.