WEEK 4: Difficult Past; Uplifting Future

For this week’s blog I will talk a little more about me so you can have an understanding of who I am and where my passion lies.

What was my childhood in Jamaica like?

I came to Canada when I was 15 years old that is about 8 years ago. Growing up in Jamaica was fun for the most part. Everything there is fresh – fruits and vegetables are picked directly from the tree – even mint; yes we had 3 different types of mint leaves growing around our house. My mother would pick them in the morning and make fresh mint tea. I was sent to Canada by my mother. She said it was a better opportunity for me. My father lived here in Canada so I came to live with him and my stepmother.

How does Canada compare to Jamaica?

Canada and Jamaica are incomparable. Canada has more opportunity, but Jamaica has┬áhealthier and fresher foods which make the country a heaven. However the lack of infrastructure have┬árendered many Islanders to seek opportunities abroad. Personally, I would say it’s a give and take. There are good and bad aspects to both countries.

Why is going to university so important?

Going to University means everything to me. It’s my opportunity to help others and really stand out. Being looked down upon as a child and called all sorts of mean things; this is an opportunity to show the world that I can be someone. Education is my way out of poverty, it’s the way to become a person of influence and to help others most in need. I believe if I can go to university, any one can.

What and who helped you on your journey?

My faith helped me along the way. From my previous blogs, it is quite obvious that am a Christian. When things get really hard I tend to disappear from the world and tap into my source of strength, which is Christ and that helps me cope with the stress. Secondly, my aunt. I love her. She has taken care of me for over 7 years now and she was the only one that gave me a chance when I was kicked out of my father’s home. For that, have nothing but respect and love for her. The ANY Goodlife youth church has also been of great help through support and prayer and are the main reason am going to Ryerson this September.

Why do you want to get involved in the Tri-Mentoring program?

The Tri-Mentoring program is one of the most important programs at Ryerson. Being a part of the Smile Mentoring program at Seneca College, my mentors taught me skills I use today such as time management and multitasking. These skills have allowed me to be more productive and do well in my studies. Being apart of this program will give me the opportunity to change the lives students and be there for someone as my mentors in the past have been there for me.

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