We will remember

I’ve always been fascinated by the world wars. I’ve watched countless shows, documentaries and spent hours on YouTube watching grainy, black and white footage from that era. Maybe I do it because those wars influenced history in so many ways. It may be because even though it happened relatively recently, it’s still hard to imagine that kind of destruction. Or maybe it’s because nothing of that scale will ever happen again. We may have World War III some day in the future, but it will never be the same. These were people who fought on the battlefield rather than through hi-tech computers miles away from their target.

November 11 is a time for us to honour the memory of those who fought on our behalf and who gave us the freedoms we have today. We’ve all sat through the assemblies during elementary and high school. But as we become university students, we forget to remember.

Ryerson has its own official Remembrance Day activities. At 10:50 a.m., at the stairs on the west side of the Quad, Sheldon Levy and others will be holding a ceremony, including two minutes of silence. If you have the time, go and participate. Or if you can’t make it, observe your own moment of silence.

Why should you care? These were people who, more often than not, were our age. These are people who didn’t go to university because they were on the battlefield. These were young people who may have become doctors or lawyers but never got a chance to. Makes you feel a little better about that test you’ve been worrying about, doesn’t it?

See more details about November 11 activities here.