We want YOU!


Hey guys!

We are now accepting applications to be part of the amazing team at RU Student Life for next Fall/Winter semesters!

The RU Student Life team tells the ongoing story of our vibrant campus community one picture, video, tweet and post at a time. The focus of the team’s work is to raise the profile and awareness of notable students, events and activities, so that all students have an opportunity to become more connected and engaged.

We are hiring for the following positions: -Storyteller (Blogger), Social Media Associate, Event Marketing Associate, Marketing Assistant, Creative Multimedia Specialist.

The RU Student Life team is comprised of amazing people who have a passion for Ryerson and work in a super fun environment.

So if this interests you – how could it not 😉 – then please click the link below for more information and apply by emailing hamza.khan@ryerson.ca