Watch World War II Unfold in Real Time – Almost 75 Years Later

In another life, I think I should’ve been a history major.

I find history fascinating, and like other boys my age, there was seldom anything as interesting as a war history. I mean, through movies and video games we got a largely romanticized view of many conflicts – especially World War II.

I found a Twitter stream the other day that caught my interest and kind of sparked a little bit of curiousity. It’s Called “WW2 Tweets from 1939,” or simply @RealTimeWWII.

The premise is simple. Repost important events in World War II as they happen, in real time. An example is:

“US freighter City of Flint is being steered into Murmansk by a German prize crew. Ship was seized carrying “contraband”,” posted 14 hours ago on the web, and with this picture attached.

Compelling stuff.

If you were looking for a history paper to write this year, have at it!

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