Warming up in Oakham House

I’ve written about staying out of the cold before, but I’d like to take the opportunity to give Oakham House some proverbial “props” for giving me somewhere else to hang my coat during these seemingly-endless winter months. Though I’m lacking a full meal-plan to take advantage of their student card-friendly menu, it’s been a habit of mine to throw a couple bucks onto my ONEcard just in case. For those wondering how to do this, you can do it via cash at those kiosks around campus; I know there’s one in the library and the POD building, along with ones in the ILLC foyer and Kerr Hall East (by the Tim Horton’s). I also believe there’s one in the Student Center (located at 63 Gould Street) because of standing beside it while waiting for my metropass.

For those not familiar with Oakham, it’s attached to the Student Centre and provides a number of services to Ryerson. It has numerous rooms available for booking, and student societies like McClung’s Magazine and the Ryerson Debate Club. My favourite part is the cafe, however, which (perhaps most importantly) has a cheap breakfast menu. There’s nothing like ensuring my stomach’s full before a day of classes – except perhaps taking solace that I’m warm and dry while I’m doing it.