Warmer weather puts a spring in our step

Ah, warmer weather.

It seems like just yesterday we were bundled up so tight we couldn’t breathe, trying to avoid freezing to death as we trudged from building to building.

Now the sun is shining brighter and I’m not longer met by a sharp gust of wind to the face when I step outside.

Now I’m starting to do double-takes when I see people in hoodies, t-shirts or the oh-so-foreign “shorts”. I wince for those people who MUST be freezing, but then I realize: they aren’t. The mercy of spring is upon us.

So, Ryersonians, enjoy being OUTSIDE! Go explore Toronto! Enjoy walking downtown instead of taking the PATH! Test out the new chair and table sets in Yonge and Dundas Square! Go be stereotypical and play some frisbee in the quad! Eat ice cream without thinking “do I really need this?”

Enjoy the spring, for it heralds the long break of summer, and following that, the new year. I don’t mean to jinx it, but we’ll be donning our toques soon enough, bracing ourselves for another venture out into the cold.