Want a Career Mentor in your Industry?

Written by Mitch Reiss on behalf of Tri-Mentoring and RU Student Life

Hey 3rd and 4th years!

Does leaving Ryerson and entering the “workforce” scare you?

Tri-Mentoring can help!

Over my 6th (and final) year at Ryerson as an active student and most recently as a student staff with the Tri-Mentoring Program, I have had the opportunity to interact with many students in a wide range of years. As I enter my last year as an undergrad student, the idea of leaving the comfort of formal education is a scary thought.  Through talking to fellow students, these are the top questions and concerns upper year students lose sleep over:

Do I want to work in what I studied?

  • Many students enter a program based on what their friends are doing
  • Parental pressure to enroll in a degree their parents felt was ideal
  • Because it sounded like fun
  • Had no idea what they wanted to do
  • Entered a program that needs further education to secure a job

I’m about to graduate, what now?

  • I have huge debt and am worried about being able to pay it back
  • Ok I got a degree but how do I apply the knowledge I’ve learned and get an internship/experiential experience that I can put on a resume
  • “Bad” time for jobs! Everyone tells me it’s a bad time to graduate
  • I want to take some time off to travel. Is that a wise decision?
  • How do I get that dream job when there is so much competition in this market
  • Should I go to college? or do a masters?

Talk about asking the hard questions!!!

Just thinking about them all makes me nervous!

But don’t worry. There is support for you and it is in the form of a Career Mentor!


What makes a career mentor different from your average mentor?
A Career mentor can help answer all of those important questions you have about LEAVING Ryerson.  A career mentor will answer your questions and help you calm your anxiety about entering the workforce!

How do you get a career mentor?
Finding the right mentor is always a hard work.  For me it took a lot of time and energy going to events, persistently emailing various professionals, and more than anything, it took a lot of nerve to email these professionals.  However, the value of having those people in your network that want nothing more than to see you succeed is something you can’t put a price on.

Luckily for you the The Career Mentoring Program is here to help!  

This program is run by the Tri-Mentoring Program and is designed to help  3rd and 4th year students with the transition out of Ryerson.


  • All accepted career mentees are matched up with an experienced mentor in their industry of choice.
  • Mentees will be able to attend educational and networking events with professionals in a wide range of industries giving you even greater exposure to the world outside Ryerson.

If you are Interested in being part of the Career Mentoring Program Click Here

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How do I make my resume stand out and shine during my interview?
Your career mentor will be a great resource for you when it comes to improving your resume and cover letter.  Did you know that there is also another resource on campus that is available 12 months of the year?  It’s the Ryerson Career Center which is located in POD 60. They offer a wide range of services including one-on-one resume and LinkedIn advising, mock interviews and LinkedIn photo shoots.

2A very important part to making the right first impression is dressing sharp.  We all know this is something difficult to afford on a student budget, but there is help for that as well!  A newly formed organization by the name of Suit Up for Success started by Art and Contemporary studies student  Rudhra Persad can help.  This organization assists Ryerson students to secure  FREE gently used professional clothing for interviews you can reach them at SUFS.RU@gmail.com  (website coming soon)

I hope some of this advice will help you with your transition out of Ryerson and that you will enroll to be a career mentee (applications are open now)