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This weird in-between time is a hard for you. By you I mean us.Whatever you do in life, wherever you go there will be in-betweens, little breaks, and pauses in life before you get to the next step. When you’re waiting for brownies to finish cooking, or for your mum to get home, or when you’re waiting for the day you leave for vacation, or the summer before you go into university. But what we don’t always realize is that in these little in-betweens some really amazing, interesting, and important things are happening.My name is Raven Lam and I am here to share my strange in-between phase with you. I’ll be sharing a video with you every week until orientation, and I hope in them you see how many things happen within this time, and maybe even relate to something.I know the in-between can be a weird time, but I think I’m going to get through it. And whatever your in-between is, I know you’ll get though it too.

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