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You would think after 18 years of being on this planet I’d have a single clue as to how to prepare for University. But in all honesty, I’ve never even moved once! I’ve lived at the same house my entire life and the biggest move I’ve ever faced was moving my bedroom from the top floor to the basement…

It’s weird to think that you can pack your entire life into a cardboard box, it kind of puts a perspective on how much you gained over the last couple of years, and how much you have to leave behind; however, although leaving will be sad, I’m extremely excited for the move and I know only good could can come from it!

With time passing by my mom suggested it would be a good idea to start packing now. It just makes this whole situation feel a lot more real! Having never moved before I decided to venture through the internet on Tumblr, Pinterest, Google, etc to create “The Ultimate What to Pack for University/College List”.  I assumed packing would be stressful, but it actually turned out to be quite fun. I feel a new found sense of independence knowing that I now have my very own cutlery that I bought with my own money, haha.

Anyways, to see what’s on the list please watch my latest Youtube video “What to Pack for University/College? – mikaelmmelo”.  If you like what you see please be sure to give the video a thumbs up, leave a comment down below, share it with all your friends and family, and subscribe for more upcoming content 🙂

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