Using Elevators

Elevators were obviously designed and thought of by some great minds intending to make our lives simpler and definitely more convenient. Who is not relieved to see the sign of an elevator nearby considering the alternative of walking up 2/3/4 floors at least. (Still wonder why healthy young people would want to use an elevator to go up one floor. Pure laziness I guess). I feel like talking about some “Elevator Ethics”.

Let me start from the building where the elevators are used the MOST, all day long- The Library. The first elevator you see just when you enter is the one next to the washrooms. It clearly says that it is reserved for the elderly/disabled. And I have seen people take it to go to the main floor of the library(just 2 floors up. Its alright if you want to go to the 3rd or 4th floor), causing the people who actually need it to be cramped or left out. That is not exactly fair as the purpose of that elevator being there gets killed.

And then in the library, there is always a long wait to get into the elevators. Especially if you want to go down from the higher floors like 6 and above. And even when one does arrive, its usually really full and you have to wait for the next one. Whats truly annoying is when you are in an elevator full of people with no space to breathe, and then people (by all this I mean healthy people who don’t really need elevators for this) want to join in to go from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor.  Use the stairs guys. They don’t hurt much, especially when you just have to go up/down a couple of floors.

Then there are some places where you absolutely have to use the elevators. Like at Ted Rogers where going up the escalators to the 7th/8th is really time consuming.

And yeah another thing- ringing the alarm bell for fun isn’t actually funny.

All I want to say is that using the elevators is fine as long as its not absolutely ridiculous to use one in that situation, or it doesn’t inconvenience someone else.