Uses for Your Now Obsolete iPhone

Every day on my way to school I walk through The Path from Union Station to Ryerson.  This includes a short trek through the Eaton Centre. Last week during my daily walk, I noticed crowds of shoppers at 8 a.m. waiting in line for the stores to open. At first I was confused, until I realized they were all lined up outside the cell phone stores. That’s when I knew, it could only be one of two possibilities: these shoppers are really eager to pay their cell phone bill, or, they’re waiting for the new iPhone 5.

If you happen to be the proud owner of a new iPhone 5, congratulations for making myself, and the rest of us archaic iPhone users extremely jealous.

I’m not going to lie, I want one.  I really, really, want one.

I have the iPhone 3. It has a cracked screen. It doesn’t make videos, or have a camera on the front for self portrait facebook photos. Facebooking on my phone you say? Nope, my iphone is so slow that all of the fancy apps either freeze or are incompatible, and facebook makes my phone explode. #FirstWorldProblems

When I get my hands on the new iPhone 5 I will happily never use my old iPhone again. Which got me thinking, what exactly should one do with an old iPhone? Throw it away? Give it to a friend?

I racked my brain for answers and here are some of my suggestions:

Use it as a Coaster

Place your old iPhone on a coffee table. Place your beer/coffee/beverage on top of the iPhone.  Your table is officially saved from the water ring. You’re welcome.

Alarm clock

Throw it on your night stand and leave it there. Obviously using a phone for an alarm clock is not a new idea but your phone no longer has to be beside you at all hours of the night, which is great if your friends are anything like mine and enjoy drunk dialing at 3 a.m.

Give it to your mom/dad

Encourage your parents to tackle technology by learning how to use an iPhone. If one of your parents is even slightly as technology-challenged as my mom is, they won’t know the difference between the old iPhone and the new one. My mom is still learning how to send a text message so my guess is she gets the hang of the old iPhone 4 just in time for the iPhone 6 release.

Use it as a GPS

Bring it with you on road trips or on a hiking trail. Your new iPhone won’t have to be exposed to the elements and you can even use it for geocaching. (More on geocaching in a future blog)

Sell it

Since you have the newest iPhone why not sell it to someone who needs it? (Your parents perhaps)

Give it to me

Like I said, I have the iPhone 3, and on this student budget, I’ll take whatever upgrade I can get 🙂

These are just a few of my ideas on how to utilize your old phone but I’m sure there are many other practical uses for an outdated iPhone. Let me know if you have an idea!