Uh, Why Did I Wear That?

Have you ever looked back at old pictures and sat there questioning some of the decisions you made—clothing wise? I have. Not even the bad fashion decisions, but the weird ones too? Ever think where did they come from? Why did I wear that? Well, as we know—the world is soon coming to an end (according to the Mayans anyways) & instead of remembering good things I’ve done over my lifetime, I’ve decided to instead look back at some of the questionable fads I tried along the way.

Thanks to my friends & family for letting me blast into the past & post these photos!

Back in grade 8, I was the oldest in my middle school and damn, I thought that was exciting. But what wasn’t as exciting was the very popular trend, of layers. Layers on layers on layers. Although layers are still popular, the look has matured from tank top under tank top under t-shirt under sweater and scarf on top. This was not bohemian, it was just messy. Let’s take a look at my 14 year old self that couldn’t get enough of that layered look.

Leg Warmers
K what was up with this trend? I’m not a dancer (unless you want to count my 5 year old ballet encounter) & my ankles don’t get especially cold—So why did I think that it was okay to throw these on to every outfit I wore? It made me look like I had cankles (fat/no ankles). This trend should have been left in the 80s!

Thick High Waisted Belts
I remember watching TLC’s What Not to Wear & Stacy London talking about how belts accentuate ones waist. I took this as a green light to put on a massive belt with every unfitted shirt dress/long sleeve and even big t-shirts at one point—Oh boy. I really liked it at the time, but as I look back I don’t get why the belts were SO BIG & why I put them riggght under my boobs—I clearly don’t know where my waist is.

Yikes. Check out my pose in that picture—please don’t use these photos as blackmail in the future!

Boston Birkenstocks
These were the worst. I have my old pair sitting in my closet and every time I see them I question why I ever bought into this trend. And what was even worse—I wore them with socks and sweat pants! This was probably one of the fashion (if you want to call it that) decisions I made that I will never understand. I can say I have a love for shoes and I am embarrassed that my feet ever wore these.

Also, why was everyone obsessed with taking pictures of their feet? Remember that?

Plastic Bracelets
Remember Livestrong bracelets? I’m sure some of you are wearing them as you read this. And I have no problem with them at all! But, at 14 I thought that loading my arm with skinny plastic bracelets was the coolest thing. At one point I remember I had one from the bakery down my road—Yeah, I don’t know why the bakery made one, but I think it’s funnier that I actually bought it & wore it. My high school years introduced me to Jac Vanek and the new trend of the thick plastic bracelet.

I wore these constantly. I had ones from my favourite bands with song quotes (The Maine), ones with inspirational messages (Stay Positive) and my very first and favourite one that read: Legit (via Jac Vanek). I wore them every day—I even wore them on fancier occasions. I was addicted & still have no idea why.

Did you wear any of these questionable trends? If you didn’t, you likely wore some other wild ones! Don’t be ashamed, we were young and silly. If we didn’t do it, what would we have to look back & laugh at?

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