Trick or Treat; Prepping for Halloween at Ryerson

Just because you’ve moved on from high school doesn’t mean that this weekend’s Halloween festivities are unavailable to you. As a young adult in one of Canada’s most densely populated cities, the holiday of Halloween has a lot to offer, even if it doesn’t involve trick-or-treating.

The most obvious recommendation one can give an interested party is the street party (oh I’m clever) on Church Street; being so close to the Ryerson campus, Church is available to people in residence as well as anyone who can make it to the College or Dundas subway station. Church is viewed by many as the central hub for Toronto’s gay community and during Halloween it puts on quite a show. From stage performances to costume contests, Church manages to offer something for people of all orientations and genders.

Those still looking for costume ideas can go with numerous store-bought options (such as $10 offerings via the Stag Shop). More industrious students, however, might consider making a costume out of readily available materials, such as cardboard or something from a trip to Value Village. Personally, I’m looking to rotate the night away as an over-sized Tetris block; whatever you end up doing, Ryerson, make sure you space the candy out over a couple days. The chocolatey goodness lasts longer that way.