Toronto’s Fall Events: Trust me, put that 300-page textbook down

The first three weeks of school have suddenly gone by in the blink of an eye, and you’ve settled into a routine you’ll be repeating for the next two-and-a-half months. Careless and lazy sunny summer days have passed, and chilly fall weather is creeping up to us, along with those mid-terms, mass amounts of projects and essays.

Leading you to think, “What is there to live for anymore?!”


The dreary fall days of October and November can be fun too! Believe me. Come on, trust me. No seriously. I’m serious. Don’t be skeptical. Please?

When you’re not trying to finish reading a 300 page textbook, or the 10 page essay that’s already overdue, Toronto is gearing up for an Autumn season of really cool events with a bit of everything for everybody.


First for the fashion lovers: World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week

World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week is just around the corner, and it’s time for girls and boys to pull out their best outfits to attend glamorous runway shows at David Pecaut Square. This year the event is happening from October 21st – 26th showcasing the Spring/Summer 2014 collections from well-established, up and coming designers.

By attending the event you’ll be able to see which trends will be dominating store shelves next season, allowing you to be ahead of the crowd. So when spring rolls around next year and everyone is still shopping for their fourth Canadian Goose coat, you’ll be pulling that newest mesh-sleeved varsity jacket off the hanger.

Tip: Your awesome streetstyle might even be snapped by many of the fashion magazine or blogger photographers.


For the concert goers: The Hoxton

Serious under the radar talent is coming to Toronto this fall, and includes acts from Vancouver’s Cyril Hahn and co-headliner act Ryan Hemsworth (October 4th) to Montreal’s own Kaytranada (November 8th).

The Hoxton (King Street West and Bathurst Street) is always game for bringing in artists that are just on the verge of making it big, which makes the tickets cheap and the crowd just intimate enough.

I mean, who wants to find their newest soul mate band when their tickets are $80+ and playing at the Air Canada Centre? My pockets certainly aren’t lined that deep.

Check out The Hoxton website for a talented list of artists coming into Toronto and indulge in a musical haze on Friday nights.

Tip: Doors usually open at 9 p.m. but if you want to skip the opening act it’s cool to show up an hour to an hour-and-a-half later.


For the beauty fanatics: IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show)

 Alright, fine, I mean how can you ignore the endless slew of makeup tutorials that bombard YouTube on a daily basis?

I’m not going to admit I’ve spent a whole weekend watching tutorial and comparison videos, but for the beauty fanatics, I’m sure you’ve gone through a weekend of guilty pleasure like that before.

Allow me to introduce IMATS. The International Make-Up Artists Trade Show is coming to Metro Toronto Convention Centre (yes, I know, it brings up those bone-chilling memories of final exam time) for a two-day weekend event on November 9th and 10th.

The infamous Eve Pearl and other beauty gurus who’ve been in the biz for years will be showcasing their talent and giving beauty demonstrations. Tons of booths will also be selling discounted brand name makeup products.

A stark contrast to what you would find at Sephora when you’re leaving the Eaton Centre in tears, hating that you can’t buy the $62 Diorskin Airflash Foundation Spray that you know would look oh-so-good on your skin, since beauty vlogger #23456 said it would!

Tips:  Tickets for IMATS can be purchased here:


For the sports watchers: Toronto Maple Leafs and Ryerson Rams! 

Toronto is blessed to have a bunch of sports teams grace the city, and as Torontonians begin their annual prayer for a Stanley Cup, we should show our support to our own beloved men’s Ryerson Rams hockey team!

The Rams took a loss at their first exhibition game against Wilfred Laurier Golden Hawks earlier in September but fret not! T’was just an exhibition round and with more games slotted, the Rams will certainly have a chance to redeem themselves. Attend the games for FREE with a Ryerson student card and cheer your lungs out for a good dose of school spirit.

If you can’t bear dragging yourself out from under the covers during those chillier days, the Rams are broadcasted live online on the Ryerson Rams Network.

 Tip: Watch it online from that warm, comfy bed right here:


So put down that 300 page textbook and trust me, go check out some of the events I listed, you won’t regret it.