Top Tips for a Lovely Night In

I found this past turkey-filled weekend that all my friends were busy bees. Much like this weekend, there are times during the year when I find myself preparing to stay in. Whether I’ve had a full week, resulting in sleep cravings, or I’m waiting for that pay-cheque — there are often times when staying in is the best option. So, if you’re looking to take the weekend off, stop & read my top tips for having a lovely night in.

Build a Fort of Comfort.

Comfort comes first. To start your evening off, find a comfortable spot in your home. Want to watch TV on the couch? Sit on the wheely chair in the office? Throw the duvet over yourself in bed? Whatever you fancy, pick a comfortable spot, load up on blankets and indulge in comfort.

Dress Accordingly.

You’re not going out. Jeans, jewellery, make-up and hair gel are not invited. Whether your most comfortable in sweatpants or you prefer to strip down, it’s your night, so wear what’s most comfortable for you! My #personalfave lounge-wear items are my shorts from PINK by Victoria Secret and my Ryerson half zip. Neither my exact shorts nor sweatshirt can be found online, but to sum it up: shorts and a big comfy sweater are my preferred choices when it comes to comfort!

Television is a must.

Whether you want to watch a movie, your favourite HBO show, or the worst reality show ever, go ahead and do it! Tonight’s when you watch what entertains you most, with no regrets. No one is watching you, no one is judging you, turn it on and enjoy. My #personalfave TV indulgences are definitely Say Yes to The Dress & Keeping Up With The Kardashians — Whenever I have some spare time I watch a few episodes. It may not be the best TV, but it’s definitely entertaining!

Hint: If I know I’ll be spending a night in, I welcome the PVR into my week a little early. If there’s shows on during the week that I can’t find time for, I go recording wild & catch up on everything during my night in. A little TV overdose can do no harm.

Read Your Eyes Out.

Personally, with numerous school readings I never have time for books that I actually want to read! I’m currently reading Perks of Being a Wallflower and super excited to see the movie! However, with my busy school schedule I never have time for the book! Let this be the night where you read what you love most. If you’re not into the whole reading thing, especially after being forced to read for school, tear open a magazine! It’s a lighter read accompanied by pictures. You can’t go wrong there.

Light Up Your Night.

This one is a #personalfave and y’all might not love it — but I suggest lighting a few candles (perhaps scented ones), or plugging in some white wedding lights (I got mine at Michaels on this perfect night in. I feel like turning off the main lights and leaving these glowing really sets that tone of comfort. I know it sounds super romantic, but kick that thought out! Candles & especially the white lights remind me of winter, which reminds me of cold, which makes me want to surround myself with warmth in the form of blankets! Try it out!

The Menu.

Don’t forget the food and drink section of your lovely night. If you like sweets, bake yourself some cookies or cake. If instead you’re a salt lover, get some chips and dip. Popcorn also goes great with movies and TV. As for drink, I suggest tea or hot chocolate — Something warm and delicious! My #personalfave tea is Jessie’s from DAVIDsTEA. Add a spoon full of honey for an extra dab of sweetness to your night!

This is your night to indulge! Do whatever you enjoy most & just relax.

I always want to know what you think! Tweet us your favourite things to do on a night off, with the hahstag #personalfave, @RUStudentLife! We want to know how we can make our nights even better than this list!