Top 5: Places to Productively Study on Campus


When it comes down to studying – most people aim to be productive. But often times, from my experience anyways, I get distracted by the loud noises of coffee machines at Starbucks, the conversations of others walking through POD hallways, and those pesky library elevator noises.

So where else can we study and actually be productive?

Well, I’m going to tell you 🙂

1. 6th Floor of the Sally Horsfall Building

Not many students are aware of this building or how to even pronounce the name! (It’s horse-fall) It is attached to Eric Palin Hall right by the Pitman Residence building. Because Sally Horsfall’s slight isolation, there is always room to study. The 6th floor is my personal favourite as it has tons of table space (with outlets!) and a quiet atmosphere. It’s also right by the Starbucks on Church and Gerrard Streets so you can grab your coffee on the way up!

2. Eggy’s Summit (Mattamy Athletic Centre)

Our brand new athletic facility isn’t only for pumping iron and shooting hoops. This facility also has great study spaces for all students of the university, not only athletes. Eggy’s Summit is the long rectangular room on the 3rd floor that looks down onto the basketball court. It is designed to be a quiet and accessable area for students to get work done. And, if you’re hungry, the best grocery store ever – Loblaws- is 30 seconds away.

3. The hallway beside the Lower Gym

Since the Mattamy Athletic Centre was built, the old stomping grounds that were usually filled with the sounds of our varsity athletes have now become quite desolate. One area where I assure you that you won’t be disturbed is Kerr Hall West 271. There are tables and chairs that align the hallway right beside a computer lab. You might be in the basement but your essay will surely be completed.

4. Main Floor of the Image Arts Building

This buiding is awesome – lets begin with that. The main floor, accessable from the corner of Gould and Bond Streets, gives you access to super comfy couches with tables alike. This area does get pretty popular so you should grab your seat quick. This area is great because it is just a hop, skip and a jump away from everything on campus, including Balzacs!

5. A Study Room in the Library

I know I mentioned the pesky elevator noises in the library, but there is a way to avoid them! One of the best resources our library offers is the ability to book a study room. It’s great. Very quiet and private. Whether you’re working alone or with friends, you have your own area to do your thing!

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