Top 10 Group Work Partners to Avoid

By now we are into the full swing of classes and your profs have reviewed the list of assignments for the semester. If you’re like me, you start to sweat, hyperventilate and full out panic when you realize there’s a group project worth nearly half of your final grade.  It’s always stressful working in groups, but let’s face it folks group work is an inevitable part of being a university student.

Not to worry! You can survive your group projects if you choose your partners wisely. With that said, your chances of success remain high if you avoid these nightmares:

1. The Captain Bringdown –Criticizes everyone’s ideas but never comes up with his/her own.

2. The Olympic French Judge –Gives him/herself a perfect score of 10 on a peer evaluation – does none of the work.

3. The Nickelback – Always ends up in your group. Nobody really likes him but you still have to listen to him all day long.

4. The Tommy Texter – Shows up at meetings but literally spends the entire two hours texting and checking his/her Facebook.

5. The Charlie Sheen – Seems committed at first, but secretly only joined the group to hit on other group partners.

6. The Spellcheck Fail – Doesn’t proofread any work before sending it to partners.

7. The Presentation Freeloader: Tells you and your partners “I’ll do the introduction part of the presentation.” Spends two minutes reading a paragraph word-for-word off a power point slide that someone else wrote.

8. The Houdini – Magically disappears whenever it’s time to meet up and do work.

9. The Judge Judy – Fights to be in control throughout the entire project and yells or consistently nitpicks about everything you’ve done.

10. The Ultimate Slacker – Literally does nothing.

Steer clear these people and you can have a stress-free group work experience this year.