Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts of First Year


 You now know what to do in order to prepare for your first year at Ryerson, but now you’ll learn some of things that you should and shouldn’t do as a first year student.

DO attend Orientation Week! This is your best introduction in Ryerson! You’ll be able to learn everything you need to know, enjoy fun events, and meet tons of new people

DON’T buy all brand new textbooks. Huge waste of money. Find them used! There are tons of groups on Facebook that can put you in touch with people selling and buying used textbooks. Would you rather spend an extra 30 dollars on your Engineering textbook or food? I’d go with food.

 DO make new friends. Don’t be scared to talk to someone you don’t know in your class. A great way to make new friends is getting involved! Join a club, group, or varsity team.

DON’T blow all your OneCard money in your first semester. This is for you students in residence. This money will run out so use it wisely or else no more PitaPit for you!

DO print out your class schedule and research where your classes are before hand.

DON’T drink too much. Remember that you’re here to for your education and to have fun. But it isn’t fun not remembering what you did the night before, all the time. Go out and party in moderation, so you don’t end up looking like a cast member of Jersey Shore.

DO read your syllabus and mark on a calendar when your assignments, midterms, and essays are due so you won’t forget!

DON’T be the person having 14 conversations on the silent floor in the library. You’ll be getting looks like these.

DO use your resources. Library, teaching assistance, tutors, extra help – they are all there for a reason – to help YOU! Also make friends with your professors. Use their office hours to ask for help or any questions you might have. You never know how they can help you in the future.

DON’T go into Forever21, the Adidas Store, or the Eaton Centre everyday. If you don’t go inside then you wont see the black and white maxi dress that would go perfect with those half-off black flats – ya, see, just don’t.

DO go to Big Slice, Salad King and Chipotle at least once – it’s a Ryerson tradition.

DON’T be late. Always give yourself some extra time for transit delays, your morning shower, or if you are notorious for sleeping in. You don’t want to be singled-out in front of your whole class on your first day. Not fun.

DO opt out! If you are already covered on your parents insurance opt out of Ryerson’s insurance plan and get back $295! But it’s up to you if you tell your parents or not 😉 More info here:

DON’T be scared of backwards-walking-guy on campus. He is very friendly but just likes to walk around backwards, everywhere, all the time. Very normal.

DO use your gym membership at the Ryerson Athletic Centre and the Mattamy Athletic Centre. It’s included in your tuition anyway so don’t let it go to waste. It’s super important that you stay healthy. Plus exercising is a fantastic stress reliever!

DON’T start your 25-page lab report worth 40% the night before – you’ll be  this guy. 

DO buy at least one piece of Ryerson swag – sold at the bookstore or the Mattamy Athletic Centre. You have to showoff to your friends from home that you go to the best school ever 😉

DON’T hide in the back row of your classes. Sit up front and ask questions. Chances are if your wondering something someone else is too.

DO balance, balance, balance. You may think schoolwork, social life, and sleep cannot simultaneously work. But trust me – it can. You just have to prioritize.

DON’T give up. If you feel overwhelmed, anxious or feel like you aren’t succeeding, then you are 100% normal. I’ve been there. Everyone has. Once you tackle your first year you are golden. You can do this! (That’s you down there)