Tips and Tricks for the TTC

We’re well into our second month and the commute is just as time consuming as it was last year. There’s nothing fun about leaving your house an hour and a half before your class when you could have been spending that time doing something more productive, like sleeping, obviously. And let’s not even get into the commutes during rush hour.

Let’s make your commute with the TTC a little better, from a seasoned TTC pro.



There are actually apps out there dedicated to helping you navigate the TTC and that give you the exact time of when the next bus is coming. No more spending 14 minutes at the stop for your bus! Get familiar with the streetcar, subway, and bus stops in Toronto using apps like Rocketman, Moovit, Next TTC or Transit App.

Skip to the Next Station

During afternoon rush hour, don’t get on at Dundas station. We all know how packed it can get especially starting as early as 4 p.m. all the way to 7 p.m. Take a stroll down a few blocks to King Station instead. The subway usually only has a few people in it since it comes from Union, where most people get off for the GO Train. And only a 10 minute walk will almost always guarantee you a seat, or at least a comfy spot.

Move Along and Find Open Space

When you get on the subway, streetcar, or bus – walk down to the end instead of staying in the one spot you got onto. It makes room for more people to get on, and leaves you finding more room to sit after a long day of classes.

Switch It Up

The Sheppard-Yonge station can get just as busy as Dundas or Bloor during rush hours. Leave your house a little earlier and instead of taking Sheppard Yonge south, take it north, switch onto the south train and snatch yourself a comfy spot for the next 30 minutes on the subway.

Prepare To Exit

At least one stop before you have to get off, prepare yourself to get out of the TTC. Sometimes when it gets super packed, you might miss the stop you get off at because so many people around you and so many are getting on and off. So stand by and know when your stop is coming up.


Get Your Transfer

While some stations drop you off and you’re still within the transit system, some don’t. Before you take a seat on the TTC streetcar or bus, ask the driver for a transfer (this is your Proof of Payment if you don’t have a metropass!). They’ll give you a piece of paper that you can show to the subway teller and let you on without paying a second fare. If you want to take the subway then a streetcar right after, go to one of the red booths located at each station and get a transfer there to show to your TTC streetcar or bus driver.

Tip 1: Keep in mind, you can only use the transfers from certain stop only within a certain number of hours after you get the transfer. And, when you get a transfer from the subway station, you may not use it to get on buses outside the same station.

Tip 2: Also, if you have a monthly, daily or weekly Metropass, you won’t need any transfers. Just show your pass at each stop.

Day Passes on the Weekend

During the week, a day pass, that costs $11.50, is only valid for one person. On weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, and on holidays, day passes are valid for more than one person! You’ll save a few dollars keeping this method in mind! Read more here.

Hopefully now, you have a deeper understanding of the TTC system and know how to get around the busy hours! Share your TTC tips (and horror stories) with us @RUStudentLife and check out other blogs about riding around the city: Navigating the TTC; The Metropass: Your Gateway to the City; Podcasts for your Daily Commute.

Feature Image Credit: Augustine Ng