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Tilt Your Way Into the New School Year!

As the beginning of a new school year creeps closer (excited yet??) RU Student Life has teamed up with Tilt to see what new ideas you have for projects, swag, or events you want to pull off! What’s Tilt, you ask? Tilt is a platform to crowd-fund your next big idea.

So, Tilt is hosting an exclusive contest just for Ryerson students! You can use Tilt to split costs for tickets, buying swag with a group, throwing an event, or raising money for a charity, and if you tilt before September 15th you’ll be entered to win a GoPro! Use the promo code RUStudentLife at to enter.

So, what are you going to Tilt?

Sign up here with the promo code RUStudentLife to enter to win a GoPro!

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