Tickled Pink

Ryerson was tickled pink last week.

The Muslim Students’ Association held a Pink Hijab Day last Wednesday to support the fight against breast cancer. On hand were some amazing baked goods and all proceeds from the day went towards breast cancer research. You can’t get any better than that.

Participants also got the chance to try on a hijab themselves. Getting the opportunity to try it on gives those of us who don’t wear it a chance to experience another culture. It got me thinking about culture here at Ryerson. We’re one of the most diverse schools in the country and we have a whole slew of clubs based on various faiths and backgrounds. Through my work as a journalism student, I’ve talked to many different clubs on campus and one of the main messages they’ve all supported has been that anyone is welcome to join. I think we often get so bogged down in categories and what and where we think we fit or don’t fit in that we miss out on the chance to see new things. Experience things we may not know about.

I’m challenging you to try out something new at Ryerson. Think you can’t dance? Join a salsa class. Want to know more about Judaism? Join Hillel. It’s never too late to join. For a list of Ryerson’s clubs, click here.