Thoughts of a Commuter

As I enter my final year at Ryerson, I can loud and proudly say that I’m a commuter chick. I did it first year, did the whole city life my middle two years, and now for my final year, I feel I should end with a bang, G-Transit style. (well, more like I need to save money and this is the best way…)

Anyway, I’m constantly complaining to myself that I hate the commute life. I hate the commute life. I hate the commute life. But then one day, one sweet day, I came to the realization that commuting actually does have its benefits. And I don’t mean the obvious one of saving money. Rather, I really do believe I’ve learnt a lot about myself and actually grown as a person through my GO sit downs.

I’m sure you all do it, you just won’t admit it. But I people watch. A lot. Not because I’m nosy or interested in other people’s lives and daily antics, but because through body language and facial expressions, you start to pick up on people’s persona’s and what they’re thinking in that given moment.

By observing other people’s everyday experiences and reactions with other strangers, you see examples of nice people, mean people, rude people, inconsiderate people, caring people, affectionate people, and so on. I have days where I think “oh man, that was a genuinely nice person.” Or vice versa, but those I try to shrug off before they ruin my day completely.

Point being, that if you discretely people watch from time to time (don’t blatantly stare at someone with your eyes popping out, please), you might just learn a thing or two about how you want to come across to others in both a public and personal setting.

Happy commuting everyone! 🙂