Thoughts from India #1: The Interrogation

Namaste, Sat Sri Akaal, Asalam Walekum, Jai Jinendra, and hello from India!

Folks, please join me on my travels here in India! I’m spending just over two months here and will be blogging about matters I think are interesting, debate-worthy, funny, sad…whatever I think is worth sharing!

Lets begin!

The first portion of my trip was with family, visiting our family in India. In most houses, a lot of the men were curious about life back in Canada. They were so intrigued by all the details about the western world. You really don’t mind answering specific questions they have about Canada, but it’s really hard to describe your life. Do you talk about your school hours? subjects? where you live? people in Canada? Indians in Canada? It’s a bit odd to just start rambling about these things…

But the questions did indeed start coming to my mum…

Didi (sister), do you eat sandwiches all the time in Canada?
Didi, what are your working hours?
Didi, can I feel Canadian currency?
Didi, what transportation do you use in Canada?

We were all laughing afterwards at how absurd the questions were, especially the one about sandwiches. My mum then bought up a famous saying, that everyone in India thinks the western world’s streets are paved with gold. Meaning that life is so easy in a country like Canada, and it’s an easy place to make money.

Ryerson, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think it’s fair to say that we are at an advantage living in Canada? Or do you disagree? Open discussion in our comments page is encouraged!

Sending love from Haradwar!