THOMAS PYPER | Leaving Home… Again


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Four years ago as I prepared to leave Burlington Ontario to move to the big city, I was having a wide range of emotions. I was sad to be moving away from home, I was nervous to start university at Ryerson, but I was also very excited to start this next chapter. Now four years later, having just recently left Ryerson University, I am having all the same emotions.

Just some of the great people I got to work and live with in residence.

For the past four years I have lived in Residence, once as a first year student, and three times as a Residence Advisor in both Pitman and ILLC, so Ryerson Residence has very much become a second home for me. But this is not only based on Location, for me Ryerson Residence also feels like home. During my time in residence I have meet so many amazing people and have had so many great experiences in residence, that Pitman and ILLC both feel like home. I was lucky enough to work and live in an environment where I received so much support from both my supervisors and my co-workers, and also a place that keep on presenting me with new challenges, even after three years of working there. From the many from the hours spent hanging out with other RA’s or students to days of training and the long nights on call, this job has given me so many experiences that have taught me so much, and I will definitely miss it (although I can’t say I will miss getting called at 4 am to do a lockout!).

GCM Class of 2015. Great group of people to spend the past four years with!
GCM Class of 2015. Great group of people to spend the past four years with!

In whole, I have become very comfortable on the Ryerson campus over the past 4 years, whether I was in residence, in the GCM Building or anywhere else on campus. One of the main reasons for my comfort on campus is the people I have met. For instance, living in residence with four different floors has given me the opportunity to meet so many new people (around 150 people) that I probably would not have met otherwise. I have also spent the last four years with some great classmates and professors in GCM. GCM is a program of around 120 people a year, so pretty small compared to other programs (But also the most spirited program as we have won the spirit award in the parade and picnic for the past 4 years!!!!!). But the great thing about this is that we always have class with the same people and I have become very close with my classmates. Wether we were testing how ink adheres to paper, manually binding books, trying to figure out print software or writing reports on how to print a book using print software, my GCM family has kept me sane and on track through the past 4 years.

I would like to send out a huge thanks to every one I have met at Ryerson who have made me laugh, lent me a pen, taught me something new, and overall helped me to not only survive these crazy four years, but have a unforgettable time as well.

At this point I have been moved out of Pitman Hall for 2 weeks. I am sad leaving Ryerson as I have made so many great friends that I already miss not seeing everyday. I am nervous stepping away from a place and lifestyle that I have become comfortable with to start new and unknown experiences. However, I am very excited to start this new chapter of my life and I can’t wait to see what is in store for me.