This is the Library Not the Food Court

Friendly friends! I feel as if I haven’t blogged in ages. Lucky for me I had a fun stomach flu and then a chest flu…yay! On top of end of semester madness and the start of exam season, it is also flu season. So take that vitamin c, wash those hands and stay as healthy as possible.

Ah yes, exam season is upon us. This means that you’ll likely be camping out in the library. It is the only place that is void of christmas music, chatty conversation, and has an actual wifi connection—I’m looking at you Panera! Unless of course you plan to study at home. That never works for me though, as I usually want to crawl in bed or watch whatever’s on TV; even if it’s a show I could care less about, I find myself weirdly and deeply engaged.

Now we all know studying goes hand in hand with eating; whether it’s the study snack, the energy boost—food isn’t something you can leave in the kitchen at this time of the semester. But what is acceptable to bring to the library?

Here’s what some students approved:

  • Chocolate (mini eggs)
  • Hummus & Pita
  • Fruits & Veggies
  • Pizza

Acceptable Library Study Snacks

study snack




I personally think anything from Tim Hortons or Starbucks is okay as well. I mean—I’m also not fussy about people bringing full on meals. I’ve totally been guilty of buying something from Metro or Panera and chomping down while I try to get some chapters read. I mean, once you set yourself down in that library cubicle, unless you came with a friend, you’re likely not getting up again until you leave. So I say BRING ALL OF THE FOOD! But obviously you have to think about others; you are at a library after all. If you’re going to leave the comfort of your own home, take into note what these students had to say:

  • Avoid loud wrappers (bags of chips)
  • Don’t bring soup (especially if you’re going to disruptively slurp)
  • Avoid crumbly things (cause you probably won’t clean it up after)
  • NO McDonalds (such an annoyingly distinctive smell)

Unacceptable Library Study Snacks

study snacks



Cormac 2


Essentially people are asking that you keep the sound, smell and mess to a minimum, which I I understand. If someone is feasting out beside you or aggressively sticking their hand into a big bag of popcorn, it’s not only distracting, but annoying.

Also people PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other day, after going to four different floors to finally find a seat, the guy that gave me his seat (thank you kind sir) left a bunch of plastic bags…WITH LEFTOVER PIZZA BUN INSIDE. Props to you for eating a fairly quiet snack, but come on dude you aren’t a child in daycare. Please clean up your mess! There are garbages scattered all over the library and putting your garbage in them as you leave really shouldn’t be a burden.

What are your favourite snacks when studying? Do you think they are acceptable for the library? Is there a type of food you just can’t handle when you’re studying? Comment below!

If you are spending the next little while studying—and I know you all are—take a break & have some fun with our Instagram & Foursquare competition. You can win movie passes to enjoy when all this cramming is over. Happy Studying Ryerson!