WEEK 2: Things You’ll Forget to Bring to University

Can you believe it?! We’re one month away until we head off to University!


For some of you, this will be your first time away from home…which means you have to “become an adult.”


But don’t fret! I’m here to help. Having a few household necessities will make the transition that much easier. You may forget to bring a couple of things, but here are some items that you may not think you need, but are actually almost mandatory for everybody to have.

A Can Opener


Whether it be a healthy can of beans or some cold ravioli – a can opener is a kitchen essential. Even if you have a meal plan, chances are you’re going to have to open a can at one point. Don’t be that person to spend 20 minutes prying open a can with a knife.

A few Power Bars / Surge Protectors


Especially in this day in age, we all struggle to find enough power outlets in our room. This surge protector will solve all your problems, allowing you to plug more than six devices at the same time.

Some Toilet Paper

Let’s be honest – none of us have ever bought toilet paper for ourselves before. While your dorm may have some for you, chances are you may run out. Play it safe and buy some extra just in case.

A Fabric Steamer


Your parents aren’t gonna be there to iron all of your wrinkled clothes, and you always want to look your best in University. An iron and ironing board can take up a lot of room (and get pretty pricy), so opt for a portable handheld steamer.

Some Pocket Stain Removers


Since you’re living on a college budget, you don’t always have money to go out and buy a new white t-shirt. Dry cleaners are expensive as well, so stain remover pens will have to do.

A Good Mattress Pad



Hate to break it to you, but the beds in your dorm ain’t gonna be close to what you have at home. Getting a good night sleep is very important for every student. While you won’t be getting 8 hours every night because of all the “studying” you have to do, TRUST ME – you’ll love yourself if you buy one of these. Also, remember to check what size the bed in your dorm is!

A Second Set of Sheets

Stuff happens, and you’re a Uni student..which means you’re lazy. You don’t want to be sleeping on a sheet that smells like the coffee and ramen you spilt. And also, it’s always good to have a backup.

A Drying Rack


Hate to break it to you, but not everything can go in the dryer. Try to choose one that folds up and can fit in a tight space!

Command Hooks


Whether you want to hang a painting in your dorm, or have a spot for some of your hats on the wall, you can find endless uses for these buggers. They won’t peel paint off the walls in your dorm, which is VERY important if you don’t want to lose money to residential services.

A Kettle


Ramen, coffee, tea, oatmeal…the possibilities are truly endless with this kitchen must have! This will definitely come in handy for those late nights before finals, and those snow days where you don’t feel like leaving your bed.

Bring all of these and your first year of University will be a success!


I’m going to be doing a DORM HAUL video in a few weeks that will be posted on my #RoadToRyerson page and on my YouTube channel! And yes, all of these items will be in the video just in case you forget them.

Happy shopping!


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