A photo of several students from the Orientation Team 2016

The University Experience in Seven Feelings

Entering Ryerson as a young procrastinator who barely made it to university, I had my plan to graduate in four years and grab my piece of paper that says “Bachelor of Commerce”. Little did I know how much more to Ryerson there is than just textbooks and exams. Ryerson University is amazing and so I wanted to share how you grow as a student and person at Ryerson, relating to some of my own experiences. So, I have outlined seven different feelings and many common experiences you may also go through during your first year at Ryerson University.

Fear: “What is University going to be like? My professor seems scary!”

Personally, I think Ryerson is one of the friendliest universities! We are always scared for the future and what it beholds, whether it’s fear about our jobs, friends, relationships and grades. It is overwhelming – think of all it once and you’re bound to feel stressed and fearful. But, I believe everyone is destined to make friends, find their passion and do good in school. Just take it one step at a time. We’re all in it for the next few years. This is a time to find your inner self. Use it wisely and don’t let fear get the best of you.

Shock and Surprise: “Did I just pass that test? Did I fail my first exam?”

This is the most common feeling many people make when students realize their first grade just did not reflect how they did on their test. Learning from your mistakes is a huge part of the university process – and it’s your opportunity to improve.

Happiness: “This is exciting!”

This may be the feeling at the start of the semester when school is not as overwhelming. There’s two times you definitely feel this sensation: at the start of the semester and when you finish your final exams. Make sure you cherish your happy time, because school can go from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK (speaking from experience).


We can all get frustrated, but that’s part of life. Interacting with certain people can be frustrating and in those times, we must talk it out instead of hammering them like a whack-a-mole. Use whatever tools you have to help calm you down. Maybe that’s music – listen to some Adele and sooth your mind. 

Enthusiastic and Excited

In your first year, try joining a student group or getting involved – that’s where you meet the Ramily. Represent your group and show the students of Ryerson why you’re the biggest and baddest violin player playing Hot Cross BunsApart from school and work, which is exciting, your friend’s birthday can also be a time to look fresh and let loose. Smile for selfies and wait to be tagged in their picture on Instagram (#ramily #oneyearolder)! Enjoy the party and have fun! Cough *Responsibly* Cough



We all experience this. Maybe it’s going through a break up, watching the ending of your favourite TV show, or getting home sick. Crying is normal, but it’s going to be alright; why else would they create Ben and Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs? It’s for moments like these. While your lover, show or home may not be close, I’ll guarantee you that there is always food and ice cream near by Ryerson – and a friend or two to keep you cheerful.

Being Silly

This is your time to shine. Make sure you have fun and do new things with your friends. Being silly almost ends of up with you being the star of a story told for generations!

Don’t you love adrenaline! The Student Life Programs team has a bunch of events throughout the year for all of you to have fun and meet new people like the Fall Festival, Last Lecture and Sick Kids Dance Marathon.

This is where it gets good. Selfies and friendships are something you carry from the day you enter Ryerson until we’re all 6 feet deep. Ride or Die! This coming year is going to be great, so make sure you have good vibes around the most welcoming and inclusive campus!