The new home

Miles away from the place they call home, filled with the determination to make it BIG in a country far away, thousands of international students come to Canada every year, carrying a baggage full of hopes and dreams.

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world which makes it a better place for these students to adjust. Each academic year, Ryerson University welcomes a number of students from overseas taking admission in the various programs Ryerson has to offer.

Beginning a new life in a new country is definitely a very hard choice to make, but then again the value of education and the number of opportunities available here make Canada the preferred choice for higher education.

Apart from dealing with the daily life pressures of living alone, finding a job, etc they also have to pay an incredibly high fees which is usually 2.5 times the fees for citizens/ permanent residents.

For all the international students reading this, I would suggest you to visit the ISS( International Services for Students) located in POD 61(Library building) for all kinds of help or questions that you have about the fees, courses, health insurance, programs and other important stuff by meeting an advisor appointed specifically to help out students like you.

I have known quite a few international students myself and they all agree that Ryerson is a place you would fall in love with really soon. Although there are obstacles, no one regrets his/her decision to come here for a better education that would undoubtedly lead them on to be successful individuals no matter where in the world they are.