The Makers Pod

A Podcast by RU Student Life

In season one, we explore “making” as a concept across various dimensions.
The Makers Pod is the first podcast produced by RU Student Life. Our host, Niki, an RTA student focusing on audio-production, chats with students from Ryerson about “making” as a practice, as an art, and about expanding the idea of what art and an artist is.

Our Sponsors RBC

The #RUMoneySmart campaign is brought to you by RBC. RBC wants you to save and spend your hard-earned cash wisely, so they share financial literacy tips and tricks. For The Makers Pod, we had a chance to sit down with Laura Plant, Director of Student Banking at RBC and she shared tons of insights with us on everything you need to know about saving, scholarships, credit cards, managing a budget, and more. For more from the #RUMoneySmart series, read the blogs at

About Your Host

Meet Niki, the creator and host of The Makers Pod

Hello, is this thing on? I guess if anyone would know, it’d be me. I’m the podcast producer for Ryerson Student Affairs! I’m going into my third year of media production and I’m in love with everything about this program. When I’m not badgering random people about how to solve my daily existential crises, I’m either skateboarding, jammin’ on my lil dinky Fender Squier, listening to anything from bebop to dad rock (I’m a disgustingly fat music snob), or trying my best to get lost in the nooks and crannies of t-dot.


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