The Last Lecture: What Would You Say?

The concept of a Last Lecture became internationally known when Dr. Randy Pausch gave his Last Lecture Speech on September 18th, 2007 at Carnegie Mellon, a University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Last Lecture Series asks a Faculty Speaker to answer one question in the form of an engaging public lecture: “If this were your last time to address a group of students, what would you say to them?” This is an opportunity for your favourite faculty member to share his or her reflections in an informal setting outside of the classroom or lecture theatre.

The Last Lecture is a celebration of the incredible work done by those involved in Ryerson University. At the event, we will have the distinct opportunity to hear from your favourite professor, accomplished alumnus, and engaged graduating student leader.

On March 30th, Student Life Programs, The Career Centre, Alumni Relations and Tri-Mentoring Program will be hosting the Last Lecture event for the very first time at Ryerson. We will be seeking out a dynamic Alumni Speaker to headline the event, and will be accepting nominations for your favourite professor. In addition to that, we are currently seeking graduating student leaders who are interested in speaking alongside the Professor and Alumni, sharing with us their experiences and perspectives having gone through years at Ryerson, highlighting aspects of campus life and how it has benefitted you, helped you find your passion, helped you explore new ideas, thoughts, knowledge etc. (Academics, Extra-Curriculars, Athletics, Housing etc.)

Program of Events:

All events happening on March 30th, 2015

The Alumni Expo (Hosted by Alumni Relations)

Time: 5:00-6:00pm

Location: The Snack Shop (Upper Hub Cafeteria)

The Last Lecture (Hosted by Student Life Programs)

Time: 6:00-7:00pm

Location: POD-250

Closing Alumni Reception (Hosted by The Career Centre)

Time: 7:00-8:00pm

Location: The Snack Shop (Upper Hub Cafeteria)

If you are interested in becoming the graduating student speaker for The Last Lecture we invite you to complete the form below. Talks will be 8-10 minutes in length and must address some aspect of campus life. Auditions will be held to select the student speaker, auditions will be held in the first 2 weeks of March, with decisions being made at the end of the second week.

Complete the form by clicking the following link:

For more information please contact Andrew Bisnauth, Orientation and Events Specialist in Student Life Programs at