The 7 Stages You Will Go Through During Winter Break

1) The ‘OMG exams are done’ phase.

Exams are done, you’re ready to get together with friends and celebrate. Life is just fantastic when you’re not studying!

GIF 1 - Party


2) The ‘I haven’t seen my family in a while’ phase.

Wait a second, so exams are done and you’ve been out every night that week? You think to yourself, it’s about time I head home for the break and catch up with family.

GIF 2 - Parent Trap Family



3) The ‘my family is crazy’ phase.

So of course, it’s the holidays and there’s going to be all those family members coming over that you haven’t seen in awhile. But woah, it’s getting loud up in here. You just want to relax and walk around in your pajamas all day.

GIF 3 - Honey Boo Boo


4) The ‘couch potato‘ phase. You’re at home and ready to just kick back and have a good Friends marathon. Maybe you’ll invite a friend or two over to join you, but then again that takes movement.

GIF 4 - Couch Potato

5) The ‘I need to get off the couch’ phase.

You’ve realized you haven’t moved from the couch for five days straight. You start to think, I need to do something, I need to see people other than my dog. Maybe you’ll pick up the computer and scroll through some job postings.


GIF 5 - Penny


6) The ‘WAIT, New Years Eve is tomorrow’ phase.

New Years Eve is tomorrow and you’ve totally forgotten. You start texting your friends and finding out what their plans are and ask if you can tag along.

GIF 6 - Shocked


7) The “I actually miss everyone and school’ phase. Ok, so you’ve had your fun this break and realized that it’s been quite a long time since you’ve seen people. You’ve chosen your courses for the next semester and what is this emotion you feel? YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL? Yup, that’s it.

GIF 7 - New Girl


Until you’re about a week in of course and you’re all like —

GIF 8 - Spongebob