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Not much has happened since my last blog post. I am taking this time to enjoy the last moments of my parents trip to North America. We went bowling and surprisingly my dad picked it up fairly quickly. By the second game he bowled over a hundred which is great for his first time bowling. I also introduced him to bubble tea.

Aboo's first bubble tea
Aboo’s first bubble tea

My mum has been cooking all my favourite dishes and teaching me how to make them. She had told me in the past but back then I did not know how to cook and took her instructions for granted.

Ami's and I cooking minced meat parathas
Ami’s and I cooking minced meat parathas

As I wrap up my stay at my brother’s house I have been reminiscing about my time in Toronto. I am blessed to have made the friends that I have and look forward to seeing them again when I return. I have less than a month before my full time job starts. In this time I hope to host a few friends; meet up with people who might be moving away, now that we graduated; and maintain these relationships. When planning my trip to Chicago I conducted extensive research on Reddit, TripAdvisor and other sites. I have realized that I have yet to explore Toronto with as much enthusiasm. I shall try and explore Toronto with as much vigour as a new tourist.

Now that my convocation is only a few days away I have been thinking about my time at Ryerson. I am happy to say that these have been some of the best years of my life. I have achieved most of what I wanted during my time here. I only have two regrets. One of which was that I wanted to earn more awards, I never placed on the dean’s list for Engineering, and had only limited awards I could apply to as an international student.

I have realized that I have yet to accomplish anything by myself. Everything I have done, who I am today, the opportunities I had were all handed to me by my parents on a platter. People congratulate me on becoming a Canadian Engineer but the reality is that it was easy for me. All I had to worry about was school, the real struggle and accomplishment is that of my parents.  They worked hard to put me through university, fronted insane amounts for tuition, made all sorts of sacrifices and did it all without flinching. It’s scary that now as I leave university I have their legacy to work towards. Now, on my own, I shall be building a career for myself.

On Wednesday I shall be attending my convocation with my classmates. Sadly my parents don’t have visa to visit Canada, so will not be attending the ceremony. My Brother and Sister-in-law shall be driving me up to Toronto and attending the convocation. One day I shall host my parents in Toronto. They have been asking about my life there and are curious to see Ryerson, my home, friends and the city.

Early fathers day gift
Early fathers day gift

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