Surviving “That” Class: Change Your Mindset

Thaaaaat class, is a class which is better explained by an eye roll or an expression of complete and utter confusion than a course syllabus. It’s that class, which everyone deals with at least once during their university career: the English major with a mandatory statistics course, or the engineer who thought a course on poetry in the 18th century would be interesting. Around this time of year, motivation can run low, and the temptation to give up on that class becomes stronger, and stronger. But, don’t give in just yet; first, try some of these ways to make it through with a smile on your face and a satisfying grade at the end.

Attend Every lecture

Skipping class can be tempting when the subject matter doesn’t interest you, but, as I’m sure you’ve already figured out, attending every lecture is vital for success. Force yourself to go, familiarize yourself with the material, and take the opportunity to ask questions. Don’t give yourself any excuses to fail.

Change Your Mindset

This one can’t be emphasized enough. If you tell yourself you’re going to fail, chances are, you will! Stop making excuses for yourself, leave no room for failure, and do your best.

Go to the Professor’s Office Hours

Come up with a set of questions you’d like to ask, and don’t be afraid of looking stupid. The better your professor gets to know you, the more understanding they will be; allow them to see how much effort you’re putting into the class.

Take Notes

Note taking differs between students, so play around with your normal note taking routines until you find the best method for your learning style. Personally, I have to force myself to write almost everything I hear right from when the professor starts talking, until the class finishes, in order to keep my mind from wondering off.

Make a Friend in the Class

Make friends with someone friendly and positive. You’ll be more motivated to go to class if you feel someone will know you’re not there, you’ll always have someone to ask for help, and it’ll make the class a little less painful.

Use Your Resources

Friendly, and professional help is always available here at Ryerson. Use your resources, and never be afraid to ask for assistance.