Summer School is Cool

Coming right out from high school, I was so excited for FOUR months of freedom. But probably a week in, I was already bored of eating cheetos in bed and endless Netflix marathons. It’s hard to enjoy doing nothing if you’re not procrastinating something, right?

1. “Faster, Better, Stronger”

Think of it like this, what would Kanye do? Kanye would take summer school. Summer school is not just a way to fast track but it also eases the weight of the future fall/winter semesters. You can get through a course faster in only 6 weeks, the information stays in your head better because you have classes twice a week and everything is fresh come exam time. Your knowledge is stronger and it reflects accordingly in your grades as well.

2. Summer in the City

It’s cool and all if you want to go back to your GTA suburban life in the summer and catch up with your old high school buddies, but if you get stuck in your suburb, you might lose some intimacy with your university friends. Well, I say, why can’t we have both? With summer school, you can be in the city half the week, explore summer events, walk on the Harbourfront, stay in the loop with all the cute new cafes and food trucks and still be able to enjoy the driving life in your town. This is some Hannah Montana “Best of Both Worlds” advice here, people.

3. You can still work full/part-time

Think of it this way, though you want to work forty hours a week in the summer months, it might be better to only work part-time. I say this because if you take summer school and lighten your course load for the upcoming semesters, you can probably take up more hours at your part time job and even the scales. Nonetheless, if you have 6 hours of class and a 40 hour full-time job, it’s still possible. Just make arrangements with your class schedule ahead of time with night school.

4. Keepin’ Sharp

Lets be honest, our brains get lazy in the summer with 4 months of mind-numbing work unrelated to our academic fields or relentless partying. After a season of not doing a single math problem or even reading a book to give your brain a well deserved vacation, it’s not cool to just quit learning cold turkey because you will eventually have to warm back up at some point. It’s better to keep active through summer with some light memory stretching. And because summer school starts almost immediately after the winter semester, it’s easier to get into the swing of things.

5. Winning the Game of Catch Up

Dropped a course? Failed one? Need to improve grades? Wanna take a cool lower liberal you couldn’t fit into your schedule? This is the perfect time to catch up and not delay any kinds of graduation details. Besides, the majority of summer school veterans have testified that summer school is somewhat easier. And if you’re repeating a course you didn’t do so well in, second time is definitely the charm for most.

But I mean its up to you, no pressure ‘yenno. Have a great summer!

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