Study Tips To Get You Through These Cold Winter Nights

There’s been a certain smell drifting through Ryerson halls. It comes in during two times of the year: late November and late March; it’s a smell of… fear.

That’s right, kids: exam time is upon us and it’s going to take us for another ride. Whether you’re already addicted to the library or haven’t even begun worrying about studying, there are a couple tips I can give you to make this time a little less taxing on your already waning sanity.

1) Be comfortable. The biggest tip I can give you to maximize the efficiency of your study time is to make sure that wherever you study is clear, clean and distraction free. If the library’s a bit too crowded and your house is full of things to lead you astray, there’s always those storage containers; I hear with a beanbag chair and a desk lamp you can actually get a lot done.

2) Be fed. Your brain exerts energy just like any other bodily function does. Keeping your body fuelled up lets you keep your energy up on those long nights.

3) Be rested. I’m a big proponent of sleep; if my house was its own country, sleeping would be its national sport. However, it’s up to you to find the right balance between sleeping too much and too little. Both leave you groggy, irritable and in some cases, unable to distinguish a “b” from a “d” on a multiple choice exam.

Just some kind tips from Student Life at Ryerson: the more you know!